This simple but powerful process empowers small communities without waste collection facilities to process their own waste and turn it into strong durable sheet boards which can be used much like plywood.

Plastic pollution in the oceans, rivers and landfill is now a global epidemic. The majority of the plastics we use everyday are recyclable, but many places around the world lack the facilities to process it, forcing people to either burn it or dump it in waterways and landfill. Our vision is for local communities to be able to process their waste in small scale recycling workshops by shredding and compressing the plastic into versatile, and durable sheet material. 

At Sculpted we’re making this a reality by developing recycling machines to compress plastic into large sheets such as the one shown at the top of this page. We fund this development  process through the sale of recycled products and the 3D printing/design service as well as building and setting up any of the ‘Precious Plastics’ machines for as many people as possible. If you are interested in collaborating, or want some machines for your community we would love to hear from you!